Monday, May 2, 2016

Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Summer Development camps for K48-K90 athletes!

New York Ski Educational Foundation
NYSEF at Whiteface Mountain                          NYSEF at Ski Jumps
PO Box 300                                                      52 Ski Jump Lane
Wilmington, NY 12997                                      Lake Placid, NY 12946


Hello athletes and parents! This summer, we are offering a couple great summer camps for your athlete. Below you will find details for the 2016 NYSEF Development camps to be held this summer in late June into late August in Lake Placid, NY. Since 1980, NYSEF has offered annual summer training opportunities at our venue – we are thrilled to offer this experience at an affordable rate.
Camp Dates: June 28 - July 3, August 23 - 28
·         Philosophy: Gain mileage and experience through ski jumping and Nordic combined, develop off hill skills through directed weight and plyometric age-appropriate workouts. Geared towards athletes on the K48 and higher.
·         Location: Lake Placid, New York.
·         Cost: Cost includes meals, lodging, ground transportation to/from ski jumps, hill and coaching fees. 
o    Camp Cost: Boarding at OTC $900 Includes room, 3 meals a day, gym, weight room, hill/coaching fees, and transportation
o    Day athlete at OTC $650 Includes 3 meals a day, gym, weight room, hill/coaching fees, and transportation  
·         Costs NOT included: extra meals, Town money, gifts and any purchases not listed above.
·         Staff: Some of your favorite NYSEF coach’s like Larry Stone, Colin Delaney, Taylor Hoffman. Additional coaches will be named based on the number of athletes attending.
·         Accommodations: Olympic Training Center
·         Other activities: Off-hill activities include video analysis, group dryland including games, hikes and ski specific workouts and other activities TBD.

What to Bring?
·         Water bottle
·         Jumping skis
·         FIS certified helmet and goggles
·         wax
·         training clothes and Rain Clothing
·         Sunglasses and sunscreen
·          backpack
·         Any medication you are on
·         Bathing suit
·         Running shoes/sneakers
·         Toiletries
·         Watch (or some way to tell time!)
·         Spending money
·         Positive attitude!
Typical Daily Schedule
Ø 7:30 Breakfast OTC
Ø 9:00 warm-up OTC
Ø 9:30 stretching and immos
Ø 10:00 – 11:30 Training
Ø 11:45 Return to OTC - Lunch
Ø 12:00 – 1:00 Relax, videos
Ø 1:00 – 1:30 Warm-up OTC
Ø 1:30 Stretching and immos
Ø  2:00-3:30 Training
Ø 4:00-5:00 Videos
Ø 6:00-7:00 Dinner
Ø    9:00 Lights out bed! 

Please send documents and payment to NYSEF office at Whiteface

Call with questions (518-946-7001) or email 

Information is subject to change – please visit for updates.  Thank you for choosing NYSEF!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thanksgiving K20 Camp: Nov 28-30

Announcing the NYSEF 'Early Snow' K20 Camp, to be held in LP November 28-30! Lodging available at LP Training Center. Come join us to log some flight time and get a jump on the competition this season! 

Weather pending, we'll have the XC loop groomed and ready to roll, and we might be able to get some jumps on the K48 as well. Cost: $295 all-inclusive (includes 3 days NYSEF coaching and hill fees, room and board at LP Training Center). $100 training only (covers NYSEF coaching and hill fees).

Spaces are limited, so contact Head Coach Evan Bliss at evanb [at] to sign up today!

See you at Early Snow!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Grasshopper standings after 4 out of 5 events!

Remember there is one more camp if you want to move up the leader board! Prizes for top 3 in women's and men's classes!

Womens class

1.Katie Ball  113.5

2.Casey Nichols 94

3.Grace Mcgrew 42.5

4. Hazel Johnstone  81.5

5. Sophia Reynolds 48.5

6. Elsa Bolinger  43

7. Taylor Volmrich  42.5

8. Emma Reynolds 39.5

9. Anise Sago  32

10. Olivia Paul 31.5

11. Madeleine Zuckerman  24.5

Mens Class

1. Carson Garland  135

2. Bryce Kloc  131

2.Lane Smith  131

4. Alex Burt  130

5. Bryan Byrne 108

6. Evan Nichols 98

7. Henry Johnstone 93.5

8.Maxim Les Pottie  93

9. Grant Thurston 87.5

10. Aaron Bennett 79.5

11. David Reynolds 51

12.Avery Thurston 50

13. Matt Reynolds 43.5

14. Caleb Zuckerman 38.5

15. Cameron Forbush 36.5

16. Linden Niedeck 36

17. Michael Mullen 32.5

18. Charlie Forbush  27.5

19. Nathaniel Weimer 25

20. Brendan Bullock 20